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⭐Network Rules | Server Rules | Discord Rules (Please Read) ⭐



Hello there, we at Arsenal do not like it when our players break the rules because it makes us look bad and makes their selves look bad too. We take racism and threats with full action because here at Arsenal we want to keep everyone safe and happy while playing on our server(s). Please read the rules and follow them!​

  • Discord Rules:
1. No Spamming Any Of the Channels. (Example: Sending the same message more than once or spamming a letter or word)
2. No Racist Comments. (Example: Being offensive about religions or races won't be taken nicely)
3. No Inappropriate of Offensive Nicknames. (Example: Changing your nickname to a word that is offensive or inappropriate)
4. No Disrespecting Staff or Members. (Please respect everyone. Treat everyone in this community as if their your family and they will treat you the same)
5. No Advertising. (Advertising other networks or websites is 100% forbidden)
6. No Threats. (Example: Telling another player that you are going to hack them or hack the network)
7. No Ear Raping In Voice Chats. (Coming into voice chats and screaming or cursing someone is not allowed)
8. No NSFW or Pornography. (Sending Inappropriate images or gifs is forbidden)

Note: You are allowed to swear but don't use offensive language to others. For example you would be allowed to say "Oh Fuck I just lost an item" but saying "Fuck you cunt" is not allowed.

  • Forum Rules:
1. No Spamming Threads. (Spamming words or images is not allowed)
2. No Inappropriate content or Images. (No pornography or racist images allowed)
3. No Inappropriate replies to threads. (Replying to someones thread and saying rude things is not allowed)

  • Minecraft Server Rules:
1. No Inappropriate or Offensive Names or Skins.
2. Do not dispute bans, warnings, etc for yourself or other players in chats.
3. No Hacked or Cheat Clients.
4. Do Not Use Exploits of Any Kind.
5. No Disrespecting Other Players.
6. No Abusing Membership/Rank Privileges.
7. No Taglocking anyone with out consent.
8. No non-consensual PvP.
9. No Spamming, Excessive Caps or Excessive Swearing.
10. No Intentionally Ruining The Experience For Other Players.
11. No Disrespecting Staff.
12. No Raiding or Griefing.
13. No AFK Pools or anything else to bypass the AFK timer.
14. Do not impersonate staff.
15. Don't be racist or use racial slurs.

We will continue to keep our players happy and safe on Arsenal Network! If you have any suggestions for rules that should get implemented or want to report someone who is breaking the rules then report it ASAP to a staff member. They will take action right away!