Important WC Tech/Magic - Banned Items

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    Banned Items List


    - Sprinkler

    Applied Energistics:

    - Matter Cannon

    - ME Network Tool

    - Tiny TNT

    Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry:

    - Bound Tools

    o Axe

    o Pickaxe

    o Shovel

    - Energy Bazooka

    - Energy Blaster


    - Crafty Crate

    - Hand of Ender

    - Horn of the Wild

    - Manastorm Charge

    - Pulse Mana Spreader

    - Shard of Laputa

    o All Levels

    - Terra Truncator

    - Terra Shatterer

    Ender IO:

    - Item Filter

    o Advanced Item Filter


    - Biome Extract Bottle

    - Creative Blood Drop

    Extra Utilities:

    - Angel Block

    - Ender Collector

    - Filing Cabinet

    o Advanced Filing Cabinet

    - TNT Generator

    Immersive Engineering:

    - Chemical Thrower

    - Revolver

    Industrial Craft:

    - All Wrenches

    - Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel

    - Industrial TNT

    - Mining Laser

    - MOX Nuclear Fuel

    - Nuclear Reactor

    - Nuke

    - Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG)

    - Railgun

    - Reactor Chamber

    - Uranium

    - Uranium Block

    Iron Backpacks:

    - All Backpacks


    - All Wrenches

    - Obsidian TNT

    - Robit

    Magical Crops

    - Sheep Seeds

    o Sheep Essence

    Pam’s Harvest Craft:



    o Dimlet Filter

    o Dimlet Researcher

    o Dimlet Scrambler

    o Dimlet Workbench

    o Dimlet Builder

    o Dimension Enscriber

    o Dimension Editor

    o Dialing Device

    o Matter Transmitter

    o Matter Receiver

    o Destination Analyzer

    o Empty Dimension Tab

    Thaumcraft and its addons:

    - Alchemite

    - All Imbued Fire

    - All Thaumic Horizon Clouds

    - Bottled Taint

    - Brain in a Jar

    - Planar Vortex

    - Transvector Dislocator

    - Wand Focus

    o Equal Trade

    o Excavation

    o Meteorology

    o Nine Hells

    o Pech’s Curse

    o Portable Hole

    o Time

    o Warding

    Thermal Expansion:

    - Florb

    - Machinist Workbench

    - Battle Wrench
    Vanilla Minecraft:

    - Minecart with TNT
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