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    WC Tech & Magic


    Applied Energistics 2
    Matter Cannon - Bypasses Claims
    Tiny tnt - Bypasses Claims
    Spatial Pylon - Causes server lag
    Spatial IO Port - Causes server lag
    Network Tool - Bypasses Claims

    Ender IO

    Item Filter / Advanced Item Filter - Dupes
    Staff of Traveling - Wall bypass

    Extra Utilities

    Filing Cabinet / Advanced - Dupes
    Item Filter / Advanced -Dupes


    Cardboard Box - Bypasses Claims
    Fluid Tanks - Dupes
    Robit - Dupes
    Chemical Washer - Dupes
    Logistical Sorter -Dupes

    Thermal Expansion

    Florbs - Bypasses Claims


    Turtles / Advanced - Bypasses Claims/Causes lag

    RF Tools

    Dimlet Filter - Causes lag
    Dimlet Researcher - Causes lag
    Dimlet Scrambler - Causes lag
    Dimlet Workbench - Causes lag
    Dimension Builder - Causes lag
    Dimension Enscriber - Causes lag
    Dimension Editor - Causes lag
    Dialing Device - Causes lag
    Matter Transmitter - Causes lag
    Matter Receiver - Causes lag
    Empty Dimension Tab - Causes lag
    Unknown Dimlet - Causes lag

    Tinkers Construct

    Travellers Belt - Exploiting

    IndustrialCraft 2

    Uranium 235 - Bypasses Pvp
    Uranium 238 - Bypasses Pvp
    Industrial TNT - Bypasses Claims
    Nuke - Bypasses Claims
    Reactor Chamber - Bypasses Claims / Causes Lag
    Nuclear Reactor - Bypasses Claims / Causes Lag
    ic2.plasmaLauncher - Bypasses Pvp
    Mining Laser - Bypasses Claims

    Matter Overdrive

    Phaser - Bypasses claims/pvp
    Colonizer Ship - Causes lag
    Scout Ship - Causes lag


    Horn of the wild - Bypasses Claims
    Pulse Mana Spreader - Causes lag
    Manastorm Charge - Bypasses Claims
    Shard of Laputa - Bypasses Claims
    Crafty Crate - Dupes
    The Everlasting Guilty Pool - Creative Item

    Pam’s HarvestCraft

    Market - Dupes


    Oblivion Deathbomb - Bypasses Claims

    Blood Magic

    Bound Tools (Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel) - Bypasses Claims
    Energy Bazooka - Bypasses pvp
    Energy Blaster - Bypasses pvp

    Evil Craft

    Biome Extract Bottle - Bypasses Claims
    Creative Blood drop - Creative Item
    Necromancer Staff - Bypasses pvp/ causes lag

    Magical Crops

    Sheep Seeds - Crashes Server
    Sheep Essence - Crashes Server

    Thaumic Tinkerer

    All Imbued Fire - Bypasses Claims
    Dynamism Tablet - Dupes

    Thaumic Horizons

    All Cloud Blocks - Corrupts Chunks / Causes lag
    Alchemite - Bypasses Claims
    Node Opener - Causes lag


    Bottled Taint - Bypasses Claims
    Planar Vortex - Bypasses Claims
    Wand Focus: Portable hole - Bypasses Claims
    Wand Focus: Warding - Causes lag
    Wand Focus: Equal Trade - Bypasses Claims
    Brain in a jar- Causes lag
    Hungry Chest - Dupes

    Tainted Magic

    Wand Focus: Time - Changing Time

    Forbidden Magic

    Wand Focus: Blink - Wall bypass

    Witching Gadgets

    Enderlinked Bag - Crashes Server
    Voidlinked Bag - Crashes Server
    Bag of Tricks - Crashes Server
    Crystal Capsule - Bypasses Claims


    Mystic Branch - Bypasses Claims
    Soul of the World - Bypasses Claims
    Brew of Frost - Bypasses Claims

    Thaumic Bases

    Greatwood Smoking Pipe - Crashes Players
    Wand Focus: Experience - Bypasses Claims

    Blood Arsenal

    Life infuser -Gives Creative Items

    Thaumic Exploration

    Everfull Urn - Creative Tank


    Emperor’s Chalice - Bypasses Claims
    Infernal Chalice - Bypasses Claims
    Pyromancer’s Staff - Bypasses Claims
    Shears of Winter - Bypasses Claims

    CREDITS: To Mr Turtle for making this banned item list!! :)

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