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    Welcome to the Arsenal Network Survival server, where Towns and Nations are the primary focus. Every player's start is pretty simple and straight forward, you begin with $300, well this isn't a lot and that is why the server also includes jobs. You begin as a NOMAD, that means you don't belong to any Town or Nation. More about Towns, Nations, Jobs and other features are listed below. All rules for the server can be found here > a nice day!

    So to talk a little about the features of why Towny is installed here. Towny allows a player to create his / hers very own Town OR Nation. That being said, Wars and Alliances are also included. Gather your friends and family to create something big such as a huge city or a simple and small village. You decide!

    Towns: A town can be started at the cost of $1000. Each town has it's own bank that you as a mayor has to keep an eye on. As a mayor you are required to pay an upkeep of $100, failing to keep up with the payments will result in an automatic removal of your Town. Each resident within a town has to pay taxes to the Town bank. Being inside a Town also grants you the ability to teleport to the town faster.

    Nations: Starting your first Nation will cost you a total of $10,000. Another requirement on creating a Nation is that you are in need of one or more Towns. The Town that firstly created that Nation will remain as capital. A Nation has an upkeep payment of $200, this will also be taken from Nation bank. Trading with Towns and traveling between Towns will become much easier if you are in a Nation with two or more Towns.

    War: When a Nation declares war with another Nation, PvP between those two will be fully allowed. Each normal Townblock has a total of 60 HP, each Homeblock is given a total of 120 HP. When a Town is down to 0 HP, the war is lost.

    The servers economy will be worked on to maintain a balanced economy. Underneath this text is a few features that are here to help us define the economy for the server and to make it as good as possible.

    Jobs: As we mentioned earlier, you begin with a total of $300. To earn money, we have something called jobs. Each job has it's own set of objectives to be completed in order to receive a set amount of money. You can always change the job to something else if you want to. Each job can also be leveled up.

    Trading: Trading with other Players, Towns and Nations is a huge part of the server. Each Town can trade with each other, same goes for any Nations etc. Trading will allow you to gather new materials for a cost that is requested by the opposite part.

    Shops: Players will be given the ability to create their own shops. This will come in handy on sales of a lot of different items. Remember to keep stocking up on each chest!

    I'm sure some of you like to PvP and find the latest combat system pretty boring. Well, the server features wars, alongside that, we have another feature that will help change the way you engage in combat.

    McMMO: This will allow you to evolve your ways of combat. You can level up in various skills to unlock new perks and abilities to help you on the battlefield. Fighting will never get way to easy for anyone, but adapting to your new skills and the new perks you learn along the way, it might just make a bigger difference than you think.
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