Accepted Makhai666's Builder Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Makhai666, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Makhai666

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    Which Server are you applying for?
    Wizardz Conquest Tech/Magic
    Currently, how old are you? (Please include Birthdate).
    17. Born December 13, 2001
    What is your IGN? (In game name).
    What is your real life name?
    Tyler Martin
    What is your discord?
    Tyler Martin (Makhai666)#5020
    What is your TimeZone? (Please include Country).
    United States Pacific Daylight
    How long have you been with our Community?
    Since July of 2018
    Do you have any Building Experience?
    Yes. I have built medieval homes/shops, gothic castles, helped ShadowWalker1213 with his personal castles and mansions multiple times, so I already know how to work well with him. And if you look below, you will see my home from a server just before the world reset.

    What are some of your skills?
    I can build, I work well with other people, and I have experience with all the mods on the pack.[​IMG]

  2. eternity106

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    the walls are taken from a pre-built spawn. Also I would like to see other screen shots
  3. davidcraftftw55

    davidcraftftw55 Community Relations Staff Member Manager

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    Application Accepted

    Well, I think the screenshots were more about the buildings, not the wall. And I really like those buildings (now I know where ShadowWalker1213 got that idea for spawn from). Welcome to the Build Team!
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