Important HISTORICALMC: Skyblock Server (Season 1)

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    April 6th, 12 PM EST
    Check here to see what time it releases for you.

    Before you read the post please watch the trailer as it will give you an idea on what the server is going to be like and there's other information on it as well!

    If you repost the trailer to gain a free crate key. If you repost gets over 1000+ views we are giving away free ranks! (


    In total, there are $300 worth in prizes. It doesn't sound like a lot but this is not included with all the real money events that will be coming up very soon. You can have a chance to win a store voucher to purchase anything you want!

    First Place >> $150 Store Voucher (( seasonal ))
    SecondPlace >> $100 Store Voucher (( seasonal ))
    ThirdPlace >> $50 Store Voucher (( seasonal ))

    All vouchers will be given to the owners of the islands to their accounts and they will be able to spend on anything they would like.

    [​IMG] \

    We hope you are excited just like how we are. Hopefully this can be an awesome release and would like to see you all there :)

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