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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by FoxTheFireFox, Jan 5, 2019.

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    Which Server are you applying for?
    WC Tech/Magic

    Currently, how old are you? (Please include Birthdate).
    16 4/27/02

    What is your IGN? (In game name).

    What is your real life name?

    What is your discord?

    What is your Time-zone? (Please include Country).
    Central Time

    Weekly, how many hours can you contribute to our server?
    I can contribute up to 35 hours a week. Due to I have school. On day's when i have gone to school I can be on the server for roughly about 6 hours. And On weekends it can be anywhere from 8-10 hours

    How long have you been with our Community?
    I've been apart of the community for about 3-4 Weeks. I played on it before the latest restart with my friends and was having a ton of fun playing on the server. I haven't really been on and off on the server even since the restart as it has a lot of my favorite mods on the server.

    Do you have any Staffing Experience?
    Yes i do have staffing experience I've been an a Admin on a few servers Tea Cup Gaming Was one of them, I was a Admin/Builder On their server until the owner couldn't pay for his Server anymore.
    I was also a Moderator, On a server that one of the admins on a server Called Verida had (Shutdown) Server was shutdown and so they hosted a side server until Verida was back up. There was another Pixelmon server I was apart of, (It was a Pokemon story map thing that i was helping build.)
    I haven't really been a Helper or moderator or whatnot on a server that hasn't had mods. And as i know a bit about these mods i'm usually helping out a lot of players with stuff they need help with.

    Why do you want to be Trainee on our Server?
    I would like to become a trainee on your server, As the community is usually very friendly. And i'm hoping I can become more to the server and It's community while i'm also helping everyone out who needs it.

    What are some of your skills?
    I'm not really sure if this would count as a skill but on other servers people tell me that i'm really good with people. As a lot of people would ask me for help and other stuff and I would help them out if I wasn't in the middle of doing something. I also don't get frustrated with any problems that I run into as for example if someone was accusing another player of doing something and he said he wasn't I would talk to them separately and figure out what was happening.
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    Your application has been ACCEPTED
    You provided a good amount of detail,
    Each question was answered like it should be,
    I still miss a little detail on why you'd like to work for us,
    But that doesn't lower the chances!
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