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    We've been having a lot of questions lately about the same things over and over again. So we decided to give you guys a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. Do you guys have a server download? I can't find it.
    No, We don't provide server downloads.

    2. Why is the server whitelisted?
    It's for the scheduled server restart.
    Every WC-Tech server is restarted every 4 hours.
    To do so without any loss of data we whitelist the server.

    3. The server is down, what's happening?

    It's probably down because it's restarting, give it some time.

    4. How do I make a ticket on Discord?
    Execute the following in the support channel: -new

    5. What mods are in WC-Tech?
    You can find a list here:

    6 What are the banned items on the WC Tech server?
    You can find it here:

    7. Can the server be restarted if i can't connect?
    No, if you can't connect, it's highly certain that it's your side, not ours.
    Check your internet connection and try to reboot your pc or every network device you can find between your PC and ISP-router.

    8. Can we ask staff for items?

    Basically you can, but we advice you not to, We won't supply you with free items.

    9. Can I apply for staff?
    Yes you can, click on the following link:
    Read the applications formats first and create your application.

    10. What's the link to the forums?/Where can I find the forums?
    You're on it, but here's a link:

    11. Server Restarts schedules:
    Server 1 (WCTECH):
    1 AM

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