Accepted Echo_Smyth Helper application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Echo, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Which Server are you applying for?
    Wc Tech & Magic

    Currently, how old are you? (Please include Birthdate).
    I'm currently 15, I turn 16 in March My birthday is 03/03/2003

    What is your IGN? (In game name).

    What is your real life name?

    What is your discord?

    What is your TimeZone? (Please include Country).
    Aet, Australia

    Weekly, how many hours can you contribute to our Server?
    I can easily contribute 28 or more hours at the least to the our server. If needed more seeing as I'm doing my education at home and I and quick at completing my work

    How long have you been with our Community?
    I've been with the Wc community for about four to five months now, and it's been a pretty amazing time.

    Do you have any Staffing Experience?
    I do not, but I do try my best to help people when they need it.

    Why do you want to be Trainee on our Server?
    Being a Trainee will give me more options to help people both on the sever and on the discord chat. I really enjoy this server and many on the people on it. Helping people is something I always try to do If they're willing to let me help.
    I wish to see this server thrive and grow because I want others to enjoy it the way that I do

    What are some of your skills?
    I consider myself a good listener and I can see peoples problems from their own point of view so I can help them better. I try to understand and talk to a person about why they did something before I jump to assumptions. I've been told by many people that I'm a patient person and that I'm much more mature then what my age suggests I would be. I'm also very good at quickly understanding new or old modpacks that may have or will be added.
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  2. Totemic

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    Application ACCEPTED
    You provided detail on your skills,
    I also think that the skill to be a good listener is good to have,
    Even though you don’t have a lot of staff experience,
    I do hope we can teach you here

    (My last answer was a bit rushed)
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