Important Brand New 1.13.2 Vanilla Minecraft Server! (1.13.2-1.14)

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    To access it, log on 1.13.2, connect to and either navigate with the compass to it or use /server vanilla if you are connected to any of the other servers.

    - We have created and released our first official 1.13.2 vanilla server. This is a server that many staff & players from the community requested. We have finally did it and are releasing it today. We know that this ain't the latest version of minecraft but we are taking baby steps and are waiting for better performance with the server jars and more stability in the new versions. As well in the new version we don't have access to many plugins so the server would feel empty so that's why we started in 1.13.2 and update to the new version as it comes. Hope you have an awesome day and hopefully we can see you on this brand new server!

    To join this server all you got to do is either download Minecraft ( or you can download an official vanilla minecraft modpack on the technic launcher.
    ( this is a pack created by the official staff of technic and is constantly being updated with the new versions as we speak. The minecraft versions compatible with this new vanilla server of ours are 1.13.2+

    Current Server Features:
    - Brand New Updated McMMO
    - Trading /trade
    - Jobs (WIP)
    - Crates (WIP)
    - Ranks (WIP)
    - Auction Houses
    - Emotes, Custom Faces, and Trails
    - Towny Experience and Towns!
    - Custom Enchants (Tinkerer, Enchanter)
    - Live Map:
    - 5k x 5k world border (Just for now will expand)

    Modpack Link:

    Finally a new server :p and if you find any bugs or got any suggestions tell us here in the comments!

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