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    Arsenal Network - Rules & Regulations
    Do not do the following:


    This can be sending the same message repeatedly (or a closely related one), OR
    spamming a bunch of characters (example: hhhheeeeellllllpppp)

    We do not allow any form of advertisement, This includes discord links, server ips, facebook and other social related medias

    We don't allow any form of disrespect towards
    our community or on the servers,
    this also includes the staff team, as
    all of them are here to help you

    This includes, racist comments, sexism, any type of discrimination, or just being generally rude to others.

    Disobeying direct staff(s) order
    If a staff member tells you to do something,
    and you ignore, or if you’re told to
    not do something and you still do it

    No curse words (except 'damn') are allowed
    No cussing
    This does not go under swearing,
    but we do NOT allow sexual talk on our servers

    Client-Sided hacks will not be tolerated
    - Permanent ban

    Use of glitches, exploits or any
    other type of bugs, this includes
    bugs and glitches within our systems
    to your own advantage / in general

    Ban evading
    Using alternate accounts,
    Use of VPN or PROXY,
    - Permanent Ban on the alt

    DDoS & DOX Threats
    - Permanent ban

    Taglocking of staff or in a server-protected area
    Taglocking staff is forbidden
    Taglocking anybody in a server-protected area (spawn, shop, etc) is forbidden

    Griefing, Raiding and Stealing
    We do not allow this even if the base
    is unclaimed.
    This includes claiming other people's stuff

    This includes targeting players or groups of people due to color, religion and beliefs, or being generally rude to others.

    Verbal Abuse / Death Threats
    This also includes any other form of threats.

    Examples include:
    Not fulfilling your side of a bargain
    TP-killing or TP-taglocking
    Selling accounts, but taking the money without giving the account (or vice versa)

    Changing time or Weather
    No using any method (magic, tech, or anything else) to altar time,
    or any way of changing weather.

    No afk farms or afk pools are allowed
    (the server will kick you if you do nothing after 10 minutes)

    Non-English language
    Our servers has mostly English players,
    and the staff team is English as well,
    we want to keep the language in the main chat
    English only so it’s better for others to

    No bypassing PVP
    No using special items to bypass pvp. If you don't know if it is bypassing, try
    punching your opponent. If the server tells you that you cannot pvp, then any harm
    you inflict on your opponent is bypass.

    NOTE: If you feel that you've been banned unfairly, feel free to appeal for an unban.
    NOTE: We change our rules regularly, please stay updated with this Forum.
    If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord @
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