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Welcome to the Arsenal Network Survival server, where Towns and Nations are the primary focus. Every player's start is pretty simple and straight forward, you begin with $300, well this isn't a lot and that is why the server also includes jobs. You begin as a NOMAD, that means you don't belong to any Town or Nation. More about Towns, Nations, Jobs and other features are listed below. All rules for the server can be found here > a nice day!

So to talk a little about the features of why Towny is installed here. Towny allows a player to create his / hers very own Town OR Nation. That being said, Wars and Alliances are also included. Gather your friends and family to create something big such as a huge city or a simple and small village. You decide!

Towns: A town can be started at the cost of $1000. Each town has it's own bank that you as a mayor has to keep an eye on. As a mayor you are required to pay an upkeep of $100, failing to keep up with the payments will result in an automatic removal of your Town. Each resident within a town has to pay taxes to the Town bank. Being inside a Town also grants you the ability to teleport to the town faster.

Nations: Starting your first Nation will cost you a total of $10,000. Another requirement on creating a Nation is that you are in need of one or more Towns. The Town that firstly created that Nation will remain as capital. A Nation has an upkeep payment of $200, this will also be taken from Nation bank. Trading with Towns and traveling between Towns will become much easier if you are in a Nation with two or more Towns.

War: When a Nation declares war with another Nation, PvP between those two will be fully allowed. Each normal Townblock has a total of 60 HP, each Homeblock is given a total of 120 HP. When a Town is down to 0 HP, the war is...
The rules are here to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for every player on the server. Please take a moment to read the server rules. Keep in mind that the rule list may change. All staff will be given a suitable guideline. Some of these rules are vanilla related only and some are related to modded.


1.1 Client modifications that gives an advantage is not allowed.
• This includes non-human activity, for example bots, macros, auto clickers and x-raying,
• Modifications to change sound, the looks of the game such as shaders with optifine are allowed.

1.2 Abusing any form of glitch, bug or exploit is not allowed.

1.3 Bypassing the AFK-Timer is not allowed, any AFK-Pools will be removed.

1.4 TP-Killing is not allowed or targeting a single player at all times.

2.1 Griefing in any shape or form are not allowed.
• This includes unclaimed areas.

2.2 Cursing and Swearing is not allowed.
• This includes acronyms.

2.3 Any toxic, explicit, inappropriate or racist behavior is not allowed.
• This includes sexism, nazism etc.

2.4 English is the only allowed language in the main chat.

2.5 Sharing other's personal information is not allowed.

2.6 Death threats and verbal abuse is not allowed.

2.7 Advertising other servers are not allowed.
• This includes social medias.
• This also includes YouTube videos.

3.1 Crashing the server or purposely causing lag is not allowed.
• This includes extreme heavy redstone use.

These rules applies to any modded server hosted by Arsenal Network!

1.1 Hacking are...
To access it, log on 1.13.2, connect to and either navigate with the compass to it or use /server vanilla if you are connected to any of the other servers.

- We have created and released our first official 1.13.2 vanilla server. This is a server that many staff & players from the community requested. We have finally did it and are releasing it today. We know that this ain't the latest version of minecraft but we are taking baby steps and are waiting for better performance with the server jars and more stability in the new versions. As well in the new version we don't have access to many plugins so the server would feel empty so that's why we started in 1.13.2 and update to the new version as it comes. Hope you have an awesome day and hopefully we can see you on this brand new server!

To join this server all you got to do is either download Minecraft ( or you can download an official vanilla minecraft modpack on the technic launcher.
( this is a pack created by the official staff of technic and is constantly being updated with the new versions as we speak. The minecraft versions compatible with this new vanilla server of ours are 1.13.2+

Current Server Features:
- Brand New Updated McMMO
- Trading /trade
- Jobs (WIP)
- Crates (WIP)
- Ranks (WIP)
- Auction Houses
- Emotes, Custom Faces, and Trails
- Towny Experience and Towns!
- Custom Enchants (Tinkerer, Enchanter)
- Live Map:
- 5k x 5k world border (Just for now will expand)

Modpack Link:

Finally a new server :p and if you find any bugs or got any suggestions tell us here in the comments!
★ Updated Banned Items ★
WC Tech & Magic


Applied Energistics 2
Matter Cannon - Bypasses Claims
Tiny tnt - Bypasses Claims
Spatial Pylon - Causes server lag
Spatial IO Port - Causes server lag
Network Tool - Bypasses Claims

Ender IO

Item Filter / Advanced Item Filter - Dupes
Staff of Traveling - Wall bypass

Extra Utilities

Filing Cabinet / Advanced - Dupes
Item Filter / Advanced -Dupes


Cardboard Box - Bypasses Claims
Fluid Tanks - Dupes
Robit - Dupes
Chemical Washer - Dupes
Logistical Sorter -Dupes

Thermal Expansion

Florbs - Bypasses Claims


Turtles / Advanced - Bypasses Claims/Causes lag

RF Tools

Dimlet Filter - Causes lag
Dimlet Researcher - Causes lag
Dimlet Scrambler - Causes lag
Dimlet Workbench - Causes lag
Dimension Builder - Causes lag
Dimension Enscriber - Causes lag
Dimension Editor - Causes lag
Dialing Device - Causes lag
Matter Transmitter - Causes lag
Matter Receiver - Causes lag
Empty Dimension Tab - Causes lag
Unknown Dimlet - Causes lag

Tinkers Construct

Travellers Belt - Exploiting

IndustrialCraft 2

Uranium 235 - Bypasses Pvp
Uranium 238 - Bypasses Pvp
Industrial TNT - Bypasses Claims
Nuke - Bypasses Claims
Reactor Chamber - Bypasses Claims / Causes Lag
Nuclear Reactor - Bypasses Claims / Causes Lag
ic2.plasmaLauncher - Bypasses Pvp
Mining Laser - Bypasses Claims

Matter Overdrive

Colonizer Ship - Causes lag
Scout Ship - Causes lag


Horn of the wild - Bypasses Claims
Pulse Mana Spreader - Causes lag
Manastorm Charge -...
We've been having a lot of questions lately about the same things over and over again. So we decided to give you guys a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Do you guys have a server download? I can't find it.
No, We don't provide server downloads.

2. Why is the server whitelisted?
It's for the scheduled server restart.
Every WC-Tech server is restarted every 4 hours.
To do so without any loss of data we whitelist the server.

3. The server is down, what's happening?

It's probably down because it's restarting, give it some time.

4. How do I make a ticket on Discord?
Execute the following in the support channel: -new

5. What mods are in WC-Tech?
You can find a list here:

6 What are the banned items on the WC Tech server?
You can find it here:

7. Can the server be restarted if i can't connect?
No, if you can't connect, it's highly certain that it's your side, not ours.
Check your internet connection and try to reboot your pc or every network device you can find between your PC and ISP-router.

8. Can we ask staff for items?

Basically you can, but we advice you not to, We won't supply you with free items.

9. Can I apply for staff?
Yes you can, click on the following link:
Read the...


- Sprinkler - causes lag

Applied Energistics:

- Matter Cannon - bypasses claims

- Tiny TNT - bypasses claims

- All spatial stuff - all the storage dimensions cause lag

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry:

- Bound Tools (axe, pickaxe, shovel) - bypasses claims

- Energy Bazooka - bypasses pvp

- Energy Blaster - bypasses pvp


- Hand of Ender - opens players ended chests

- Horn of the Wild - bypasses claims

- Manastorm Charge - bypasses claims

- Pulse Mana Spreader - causes lag

- Shard of Laputa (all levels) - bypasses claims

- Terra Shatterer- bypasses claims

- Crafty Crate - used in a dupe

Ender IO:

- Item Filter (and advanced version) - used in a dupe

- Staff of Travelling - Wall bypass

- Item Conduit - lag

- Redstone Conduit - lag

- Conduit Switch - lag

- Insulated Redstone Conduit - lag

- Energy Conduit - lag

- Enhanced Energy Conduit - lag

- Ender Energy Conduit - lag

- Fluid Conduit - lag

- Pressurized Fluid Conduit - lag

- Ender Fluid Conduit - lag

- Gas Conduit - lag

- ME Conduit - lag

- Dense ME Conduit - lag


- Biome Extract Bottle - bypasses claims

- Creative Blood Drop - creative item

- Necromancer Staff - Pvp Bypass and causes lag

Extra Utilities:

- Angel Block - ???

- Filing Cabinet (and advanced) - used in a dupe

- Item Filter (and advanced version) - used in a dupe

Immersive Engineering:

- Chemical Thrower - ???


- Cardboard Box - Bypasses Claims

Welcome to Arsenal Network!
This beautiful website will hold all that you seek!

From sneak peaks to updates to opinions and so much more!
We seek to be the best family there is and make our wonderful server the best you've ever played and joined!

If you have ANY questions please join our discord and ask one of our fellow staff members or make a forum on here to get MULTIPLE answers from ALL of the players and staff!

Thank you very much and please enjoy your stay! ♡