Arsenal Network

We've been having a lot of questions lately about the same things over and over again. So we decided to give you guys a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Do you guys have a server download? I can't find it.
No, We don't provide server downloads.

2. Why is the server whitelisted?
It's for the scheduled server restart.
Every WC-Tech server is restarted every 2 hours.
To do so without any loss of data we whitelist the server.

3. The server is down, what's happening?

It's probably down because it's restarting, give it some time.

4. How do I make a ticket on Discord?
Execute the following in the support channel: -new

5. Is WC-tech 1 offline, I can't connect?
No, it's not offline, if it is then you have the old ip.
Click on WC-Tech 1 and edit the ip to

6. What mods are in WC-Tech?
You can find a list here:

7. What mods are in Jurassic Times?
You can find a list here:

8. What are the banned items on the 3 tech servers?
You can find it here:

9. Can the server be restarted if i can't connect?
No, if you can't connect, it's highly certain that it's your side, not ours.
Check your internet connection and try to reboot your pc or every network device you can find between your PC and ISP-router....

Banned Items List


- Sprinkler

Applied Energistics:

- Matter Cannon

- ME Network Tool

- Tiny TNT

Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry:

- Bound Tools

o Axe

o Pickaxe

o Shovel

- Energy Bazooka

- Energy Blaster


- Crafty Crate

- Hand of Ender

- Horn of the Wild

- Manastorm Charge

- Pulse Mana Spreader

- Shard of Laputa

o All Levels

- Terra Truncator

- Terra Shatterer

Ender IO:

- Item Filter

o Advanced Item Filter


- Biome Extract Bottle

- Creative Blood Drop

Extra Utilities:

- Angel Block

- Ender Collector

- Filing Cabinet

o Advanced Filing Cabinet

- TNT Generator

Immersive Engineering:

- Chemical Thrower

- Revolver

Industrial Craft:

- All Wrenches

- Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel

- Industrial TNT

- Mining Laser

- MOX Nuclear Fuel

- Nuclear Reactor

- Nuke

- Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG)

- Railgun

- Reactor Chamber

- Uranium

- Uranium Block

Iron Backpacks:

- All Backpacks


- All Wrenches

- Obsidian TNT

- Robit

Magical Crops

- Sheep Seeds

o Sheep Essence

Pam’s Harvest Craft:



o Dimlet Filter

o Dimlet Researcher

o Dimlet Scrambler

o Dimlet Workbench

o Dimlet Builder

o Dimension Enscriber

o Dimension Editor

o Dialing Device

o Matter Transmitter

o Matter Receiver

o Destination Analyzer

o Empty Dimension Tab

Thaumcraft and its addons:

- Alchemite...

Arsenal Network - Rules & Regulations

(1) - Spamming is not allowed.
- warning
- 30 minute mute
- 1 hour mute

(2) - Advertising is not allowed.
(This includes, YouTube Links, Discords, Server IPs, other Modpacks).
- warning
- perm mute

(3) - Harassing fellow players is not allowed.
(This includes, racist comments, sexism, any type of discrimination, or just being generally rude to others).
- warning
- 30 minute mute
- 1 hour mute
- perm mute

(4) Disobeying direct Staff(s) order.
- warning
- 30 minute ban

(5) Swearing is not allowed.
- warning
- 30 minute mute
- 1 hour mute

(6) Staff Disrespect is not allowed.
- warning
- 30 minute mute
- 1 hour mute

(7) Hacking is not allowed.
- perm ban

(8) Abusing bugs is not allowed.
(If you find a bug / exploit, contact a Staff-Member).
- 1 week ban

(9) Ban Evading is not allowed.

(If you think you deserve an unban, feel free to summit an appeal).
- perm ip ban

(10) DDoS & Dox Threats are not allowed.
- perm ban

(11) AFK pools/machines of any kind are not allowed on our Server(s).
- kick + removal of pool
- 1 hour ban + removal of pool
- 2 hour ban + removal of pool.

(12) No taglocking in any public structure
(This consists of any structure built by staff: spawn, arena, dungeons, shop, etc.)
- warn +...
Welcome to Arsenal Network!
This beautiful website will hold all that you seek!

From sneak peaks to updates to opinions and so much more!
We seek to be the best family there is and make our wonderful server the best you've ever played and joined!

If you have ANY questions please join our discord and ask one of our fellow staff members or make a forum on here to get MULTIPLE answers from ALL of the players and staff!

Thank you very much and please enjoy your stay! ♡